Veda Macintyre

Veda Macintyre was a socialite who hailed from East London during the late nineteenth century. She famously climbed her way to the top of British society through blackmail. She and her partner in crime, the handsome Lucien Vallpointe, duped a number of marquis and dukes into sleeping with Lucien. Homosexuality at the time meant death or exile, so the rich catamites were forced to pay up. Veda and Lucien bought themselves titles and estates with their ill-got money, but it wasn’t long before they were murdered by one of their victims, shot point blank when leaving a lavish party thrown by Catherine Lamb, who was rumored to have orchestrated their demise.

Veda’s two-piece gown is made up of thirteen different types of wool, cotton, and cashmere houndstooth, plaid, and gingham fabrics. The fabrics were pieced together, pinked, hand gathered, and then attached to a silk taffeta skirt. The under layer is a complete dress with a tulle petticoat. Her wig is handmade Mongolian lamb. Her look is updated with a small pair of tennis shoes.

*Veda’s gown is from before her rise to fame as a social power. She often hired dressmakers to copy the styles of the wealthy using cheaper upholstery fabrics.

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