The Lady Marjory Alvanley

The Lady Marjory was raised in a nunnery. She is the illegitimate daughter of a Portuguese princess and a Spanish toreador. Her parents were desperately in love, but tragically separated, the princess condemned to die of grief and madness during childbirth. Marjory was raised unaware of her heritage until the death of her grandfather—the old king. To honor his sister, her uncle, the new king, summoned Marjory to the castle where he legitimized his niece with a title and bestowed upon her a massive fortune, effectively making Marjory’s hand in marriage one of the most sought after in all Europe.

Marjory’s gown breaks down into three to four different looks. Her detachable sleeves and skirt are made from golden embossed antique kimono fabric. Her hand shirred cap attaches to her hair with two combs and her under-dress is gathered at the neck with a mokuba ribbon of scarlet velvet. Both the under dress and cap are made out of a golden metallic silk embossed with red and turquoise flowers. The self-lined skirt maintains its shape with a band of black horsehair and may also be worn as a dress alone. Her two-toned black and auburn hair is 100% kanekalon brush able loose waves.

* This was Marjory’s coronation gown when she debuted at the palace. It was the first fine garment she had worn since leaving the nunnery.

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