Ingrid St. Clare

Ingrid St. Clare was born to doctors Louis and Isabelle St. Clare in London during the last half of the nineteenth century. Her parents were known as the most controversial scientists of their day, performing strange and illegal experiments on asylum patients and eventually themselves. Ingrid was known as “their most beautiful creation.” She was known for her Cyclops like eye, and massive intellect. She spoke over seventeen languages, had mastered calculus by the time she was three, and her pencil drawings on napkins at the dinner table were said to have greatly influenced the work of architect Charles Devey. She married young, and had three healthy albino children. It is interesting to note that she was actually partially blind.

Ingrid’s ensemble consists of five mix and match pieces. The base item is a long white cotton shirtdress with bias cut ruffles at the neck and cuff. The jacket, apron, and hem of the long under skirt, are all custom dyed muslin to match the color of Ingrid’s eye. Her cotton striped skirt, and floral printed underskirt, were dip dyed to a similar effect. Her kanekalon wig is hand made.

*Ingrid’s irregularly colored gown was a result of an explosion in her parent’s laboratory.