Evelyn Mercier

Evelyn Mercier was the daughter of two reputed witches during the time of Louis the Sun King. She fell down a set of stairs and was rendered unconscious on her sixteenth birthday. The local doctors deemed her comatose, therefore likely to die in two to three weeks. Unable to accept this diagnosis, her parents proceeded to administer a series of potions that kept their daughter alive and asleep, as well as perfectly preserved. They had more children, and each successive generation passed on the secret recipe of elixirs, and kept the sleeping Evelyn locked away in a room for hundreds of years. When rumors began circulating in the 1920’s that the Mercier family was keeping a corpse in their ancestral home, authorities were sent to investigate. Rather than share their secret with the world, the Merciers decided to burn down the family house with the slumbering Evelyn inside. The only thing left after the fire was Evelyn’s seven-foot locks of ash blonde hair, which can currently be seen on display in the Montpelier Museum of Freaks and Oddities.

Evelyn’s gown is comprised of three different elements. The skirt is six yards of silk organza cut into circles and triangles, and gathered into a bustle with a cotton sash. The tunic is a vintage hand painted silk scarf from the 1930’s scavenged from a Parisian vintage shop, and the jacket is made from a cotton dishtowel. The entire dress was tea dyed and left in the sun to age. Her long, ash blonde synthetic wig is hand styled.

*Evelyn’s gown is a replica made from a woodblock print commissioned by the Mercier family in 1846.

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