Cora & Clarice

Cora and Clarice, Clarice and Cora. This set of unique twins was born in ante-bellum New Orleans to Irish immigrant parents Cieran and Cara McCarthy, who were reportedly barely making ends meet as music teachers. Before they were out of the crib the wonder twins were proficient in the violin and piano. Eventually they toured Europe; after their famous Dresden performance in a family induced interpretation of an opera ballet version of Swan Lake, their fame and wealth were cemented. Both girls maintained dozens of lovers, but they were always shared. Shortly after the twins settled in London at the peak of their careers, a certain Harold Hartfordshire blatantly favored Clarice, the more timid of the girls. After Mr. Hartfordshire was found brutally murdered in his York estate, Clarice shocked the world with her confession implicating her sister, therefore herself, in the horrible crime. They were tried and hung, and are noted to be “the first publicly executed set of conjoined twins.”

Cora & Clarice’s gown is made out of purple and dark green iridescent silk taffeta. The bias cut ruffles graduate in size and color at the hem, and the back bustle and rosettes are all hand gathered. Their kanekalon wigs are permanently styled.

*This dress is taken from an etching of the twin’s performance at the Hapsburg palace in Vienna when they were only thirteen years old.

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