Bianca Reau

Bianca Reau was plucked from obscurity by a famous Irish composer from the street markets of Geneva when she was fourteen years old, singing an old catholic hymn while selling the wares of her father, who was an antiques dealer. Her dazzling soprano voice paired with her angelic features made her an overnight sensation, and by the age of sixteen she had performed in every court and opera house in all of Europe to standing ovation. She famously turned down the proposals of one hundred princes and dukes—the accolades of attention tragically turned a provincial girl into a first rate diva. She never married, although rumors of her scandalous lesbian affairs were abound in the latter half of her career, forcing the nightingale into an early retirement. She was drowned under dubious circumstances in a river outside of her estate in Vienna.

Bianca’s gown consists of thirteen vertical rows of metallic cotton, shirred with white mokuba velvet and faggoting and embellished on the front with two square swarovski crystals. Her silk tulle under dress and detachable sleeves are finished with an ivory purl stitch, hand gathered, and close with black grosgrain ribbons. Her platinum blonde kanekalon wig is handmade, and her black eyelashes are sewn in. She comes with a pair of black mary jane shoes.

* This gown is from Bianca’s legendary 1876 performance of La Traviata.

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