Beth Gouddard

Beth Gouddard was a young orphan who joined the circus when she was eleven years old. As she grew into adolescence she was known as the prettiest popcorn girl in the entire camp. But when she turned seventeen she wanted to do more than sell tickets and peddle popcorn. She cut, permed, and dyed her hair pale pink, and made it her mission to replace Eglantine the Enormous, the resident fat lady who had recently died from choking on a chicken fried apple fritter. In a few short years, the svelte popcorn girl had transformed herself into Big Beth by eating her way to the top. She performed a riotous burlesque act that became a highlight of the circus troop for many years. One hot summer day in July Beth mistook a lighting cable for a pickle and was electrocuted to death. The circus claimed the grounds smelled like bacon for the remainder of their three-week run.

Beth’s dress is made with over three yards of pale pink duchess satin, trimmed with mauve, orange, and brown vintage polka dot silks and mokuba ribbon. She wears a pair of white cotton eyelet bloomers with a lavender drawstring, and an antique tiara. Her pale pink kanekalon wig is hand permed.

*Beth’s gown is a replica from her famous “Shimmy Jiggle Me Love Me” routine.

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