Berniece Bobbin

Berniece is the last of the Bobbins, a Scottish aristocratic family line that can trace its origins to the crusades. Due to generations of intermarrying, Berniece, although famed throughout the highlands for her beauty and wit—is something of an eccentric. She has been known to ride her gray Arabian mare bareback during thunderstorms, and some neighbors near her country estate have reported she sometimes enjoys this sport in the nude.

Berniece’s gown is made from three different wool tartans. Her ruffled bolero is accented with antique buttons and unsnaps. The floor length skirt is hand shirred with two rows of black pleated mokuba ribbon, it and hemmed with horsehair and a silk taffeta ruffle. Her copper kanekalon wig is permanently styled in a partial braided upsweep with short loose curls. Her accessories are two fingerless mesh gloves and wool boots. Her hand painted expression is flecked with freckles, and sealed to prevent wear. Her black-feathered lashes are glued and sewn.

This is a typical dress from around the time Berniece was sixteen years old. She often made removable petticoats to allow for easier removal for her nude excursions.

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