The Kouklitas are a line of 27” fashion rag dolls conceived by New York City based artist and illustrator Andrew Yang. The name originates from the Greek word for doll, koukla. Each doll is cut from a pattern, sewn into muslin, and meticulously stuffed and attached by hand. The faces are all hand painted, and the dresses are created using luxurious fabrics and couture sewing methods. 

Andrew spent his childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he grew up around his mother’s collection of Madame Alexander dolls and eventually acquired his own collection of high-end fashion dolls. His hobby was put on hold when he moved to New York to pursue fashion, an industry he worked in as an assistant designer for several years. Longing for another creative outlet, Andrew created his first doll from scraps of muslin in the summer of 2008. 

The Kouklitas are currently available in Barneys New York stores across America,,, and Joyce Boutique Hong Kong. His work as been featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE, The New York Times, Doll Reader, DOLLS Magazine, and international publications of Elle, Marie Claire, and Harpers Bazaar.