This September I had the privilege of traveling to Fukuoka Japan where I was invited to make a personal appearance with the dolls for the occasion of the opening of a new Barneys New York store. It was my first time to Japan, and Fukuoka was a beautiful way to experience it. I never want to eat sashimi anywhere else but japan, and the yakitori was to DIE for! 

The Barneys display team did a beautiful job with the installation. 

Miss Ayano <3 <3 designed her amazing jeweled iPhone case. 

Designer Yoshiyo Abe of Petite-Robe Noir, looking beautiful next to her doll. 

Some of Petite Robe Noire's beautiful line of costume pearls- light as a feather, made from paper. 

Custom bridal dolls. 

Rhodon chou chou designers - future Kouklitas! 

Ramon filming me in a short trip to the Hakata doll museum. 

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